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:iconmingmingcoco: (colors)

Kiriban prize


Mission 001/d-con nation collab with Mediziner Transformers Decepticon Progress Bar 80% by AESD (lettering)
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Tue May 26, 2015, 7:41 AM
Heeee... 83
Sat May 23, 2015, 11:32 AM
Bronuts for all!
Mon Apr 13, 2015, 6:39 PM
Aleeeexxxxx!!! xD
Mon Apr 13, 2015, 6:39 PM
Nuuuuu 8I
Mon Apr 13, 2015, 7:32 AM



Alone by ForgottenHope547
"I didnt ask for this life, but it's all I have."

Random sketch, bored as hell because I'm not at home OTL
its not perfect, just something quick
enjoy AU human fate.


I'm gonna touch the butt

Tfp oc: Reconnaissance (updated) by ForgottenHope547
Tfp oc: Reconnaissance (updated)
<Edit> revamped 2015 ref, will add more when i get home

Edit: fixed a few things/added size comp.
Edit// added sword 
Edit: added view w/out visor ~

Pfffff conner' found himself a lady! 8I

This guy.


Alt:B-2 stealth bomber



sexuality: straight

Age: 47 (human terms)

Sparkmate: Silverfang (owned by Mediziner)
---he met the femme upon seeing her observing him..quite curiously, before running away in embarrassment. The mech, never thinking he'd want anything to do with another femme...found her quite different from the rest. Trying to get to know her story more, reconnaissance followed her up into the sky in flight..only to save her from tumbling out of control. From their on, the two became closer..Silverfang saving him from spiraling further into isolation.

Function:When still with the deceptions, he was used agains his will as sort of a 'hitman'..carrying out their inside jobs/dirty work for them.

-advanced cloaking/stealth technology to avoid (most) detection
-EMP generator (though it's quite weak)
-other various missiles/blasters
-invisisibility cloaking. (But only for a short period of will drain his energy drastically, and leave him unable to transform/use his weapons for a brief period.

Nicknames:Sir,Recon, 'Connor, though prefers to be called by his full name...or according to fate, "big giant plane thing"

needs to be updated/WIP

Quotes:"while I may be a skillful warrior, I hold try to my honor.", "come, let me test your skill in battle.", "Don't engage unprepared. Plan your tactics before striking.", "I am merely stating my directive. You may do as you wish."

Personalitly:Recon is very cold, usually no emotion shown..or able to be shown. The mech tries..but just ends up stuttering back over his words, ordering them out more like commands than a freindly conversation. But he is kind, never wanting to hurt anyone unless merely for self defense purposes, and always taking the risks to save his teammates when in danger.

History: growing up far outside of cyberton, the mech had few outside influences..until the war dragged him, like everyone else, into sudden relization. because of this Recon started off in the Decepticons in the beginning of the war, seeming to believe in their cause avidly .. But ended up falling victim to their tricks, and controlled against his will. He was used, tortured, everything to break his he could preform their merciless tasks without second thought. When arriving to earth, the mech was sent on another mission..ending horribly wrong as he came off course, crashing in the frozen area the human inhabitants called 'Alaska'. No help was sent,the Decepticons using it as an excuse to "retire" him of his position. Left to die and alone the mech wandered, his wings snapped off rendering him unable to fly..finally running into the neutral team offsight, living in isolation..where they helped the mech stay online. As soon as he was able recon left, wanting nothing to do with anyone..ever. The cons had broken him, and he could never be the same again.

-daylight. It doesn't affect him, it's just extremely hard to hide himself..and he is afterall a stealth model.

-losing his sparkmate, the only pain that will cause him to break down into a complete state of anguish

-his lack of emotion, it can get him causing some confusion..often needing in a fight

-his wings, they are quite large and tend to catch on things

-recon lacks hand to hand combat skills, but most of the time he is able to overcome his opponent with his sheer size.

-hates anything to do with the Decepticons..and most bots anyway

-he is missing his left optic..rendering his vision very bad..though he relies mostly on the sonar and scanners he carries with

-in his crash when first arriving on earth, the mechs wings were broken off from the impact, rendering him unable to fly. When team offsight fixed him, their supplies where the bare minimum, having to reattach old parts. As a result, recon usually cannot feel much in his wings..which comes in handy for they tend to get in the way.


-remembering what it was like before his life slipped into a never ending cycle of conforming numbness


-the night

Theme song(s):
-radioactive -the imagine dragons

-far from home -five finger death punch

-45 -shinedown

-Red -so far away <3

Thoughts:: AT by ForgottenHope547
Thoughts:: AT
Art trade with the lovely CuriousCucumber
i hope I did your lady justice ;-;
and I totally drew what was out my window for the was pretty lol

Anyways, hope you like! ;;;
And sorry if the colors are a bit off, my computer screen is too dark so I don't notice it until I look at my ipad OTL

I really need to stop finishing things start to end in one setting >_> my back hurts so bad omfg

War Pontiac by ForgottenHope547
War Pontiac
So, went and saw Mad max, fury road today, and it was really awesome the effects/scenery alone were worth going to it lol
but on the way home, I got into a conversation with the person I went to it with, and after a few very stupid jokes involving driving home through a ton of traffic don't ask me I don't even remember what they were exactly we concluded that my car would be a war car in the movie 

that is the story behind this, my actual 2008 Grand Prix but as a war car lol
(or more so, based on a war car)
just did this for fun and yes there's some flaws, but like I said was just for fun

sorry for all the watermarks know :/

art/design (c)ForgottenHope547
madmax/ect(c)not me.

Livestream: OFFLINE

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 28, 2014, 5:53 PM

Drawing my car based on the war rigs from Mad Max
cause I went and saw that this afternoon and the person i was withnmade a joke that my car would kick butt as one lol

I need to draw something fun to relax after driving all day OTL
also might draw some robots latlater this is going to be a relatively short stream because I need to get up early tomorrow OTL

Internet is being a bit shitty so just bear with it please >>…

500?? + FREE ART.

Journal Entry: Fri May 15, 2015, 5:30 AM

Update:  aaaand I have the results of the drawing, decided to do three winners because I have a lot of free time coming up ;>

1st: CuriousCucumber (fullcolored headshot)

2nd:  LadyOfTheShadows99 (flatcolored headshot sketch)

3rd: Spartan0-0-0 (headshot sketch)

(Proof: )

if the winners could please note me about which character they would like me to draw, I would greatly appreciate it ;u;

im going to keep this list, so if I'm bored and finish everything I have to do yet, I may do another drawing at some point, so you all have another chance <;

thats if for now! Thank you again guys ;-;;

Update: Okay, more people entered then i thought xDD sooo im gonna have a first and second place (first two names the generator shows) <3 first will get the headshot like i said, while second will get a headshot sketch ;;
will be randomly generated as I said, ill do the drawing tomorrow night after work so anyone that wants to enter and still hasn't can <3 thank you again guys ;u;

Oh my gosh, 500 watchers guys?? 
I don't deserve it ;-;; but thank you so much, I appreciate every one of you <33

gonna do a little raffle just because ;u;
comment with the word "pineapple" to let me know that you want to be in, I'll put everyone that does so into the random name generator thing and you could win a headshot like this…

All you have to do is comment that word and you could win free artttt :,D

Must be a watcher to enter please ;3;

I'll do the drawing later tonight.

thank you again guys, your support is awesome ;;;;

life update+ requests

Journal Entry: Sun May 10, 2015, 3:08 PM

Heya guys, 
first off, sorry I've been so quiet lately (not responding to messages ect.) I'm just so ridiculously busy this time of the year that I tend to get less and less time to do such things ;;

also, just got back from the Northern invasion music festival down in Wisconsin! 
I have to say, despite the sunburn and bruises from getting too close to the moshpit it was one of the best metal concerts I've been to!
got to see a ton of awesome bands, as well as Five finger Death Punch and Slipknot live! Two of my favorite bands ;u;
im super tired from the weekend, but hell, it was worth it.

the part that you all probably read this journal for |,D
I feel like drawing, just don't know what..
gonna do a mini request stream tonight, Read the rules…

Kiriban at 35,000 

12 deviants said Prize is something simple like this…
1 deviant said Must be a watcher.
1 deviant said Need to see a full screenshot please.
No deviants said If two or more people catch it ill take the person who shows me first


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amazing Internet sis & bro 8I <3
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First off, Everything digital I do Is on an ipad ffff's not very good |D
.. just another transformers fangirl here on DA, so that is mostly what my art will consist of~
I'm shy, but once I get to know someone I enjoy the company..
I'm here to share my art with the "world"~


Commission info~…

Request - Fate Stamp by spiketail94I love Giant robots by SonicAmygirlRock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2I Support Loud Music Stamp by Sora05Lamborghini Stamp by WearwolfaaDUBSTEP FUCK YEA Stamp by Tripp-X-FoxxRock on. by Snuf-Stamps.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoMusic helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevetteI Draw Transformers stamp by Lady-Autobot17TF Girls stamp by MetallikatoD-con Spark Beat by BloodyChaserfeme and loving it 2 by elfy016Finnish Flag Stamp by xxstampsFinnish Metal :stamp: by Amblygon
i wish my car transformed by meimei-stamps:iconrpstamp1plz::iconrpstamp2plz:
Traditional art + Digital art by RoliStamps

//attempt// Fate stamp by ForgottenHope547Reconnaissance stamp //attempt// by ForgottenHope547

robot crush by meimei-stamps

My OTP<3

fate X Nightblade

Fate x Nightblade Stamp by Mediziner

Nightblade x Fate (Jointed Icon) by Mediziner


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