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Dammiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt!!!! xD sdrfgl;kndfglk;nsdf;lgknsdf;lgkngs ALEX!!! O:
Sun Dec 21, 2014, 3:55 PM
Thu Dec 18, 2014, 3:07 PM
Dammit, now I'll never spell out Lamborghini with all letters now you've shrank the shout thingy! XC XD
Thu Dec 18, 2014, 4:29 AM
Hurrhurrhurr, take lots of good shots from various angles!
Thu Dec 11, 2014, 2:32 PM
*with extra zoom lense*
Wed Dec 10, 2014, 2:55 PM



Random Femme WIP by ForgottenHope547
Random Femme WIP
Little 5 min sketch between working on stuff .-.
no idea about her, though I'll probably finish it someday.

And this is why.. by ForgottenHope547
And this is why..
Stupid idea I had but needed to draw |D
tracklift, this is why everyone hates you. You showed Grey the secret of the snowball..

but yeah..|D 
poor vice 

sorry for the Derpy quality, ipad tends to do that :/</I>

TF oc: Centerline WIP by ForgottenHope547
TF oc: Centerline WIP
Forgot about this guy, drew him a few months ago x/

Designation: centerline 

Alt: cybertronian jet (cannot fly anymore)

Faction: neutral/rogue  

Sexuality: straight

Sparkmate: none

-mace-like substance for self defense
-hidden blade
-standard blasters

Personality: before the war, the mech was rather serious. Having to be, as his job as a lawyer somewhat demanded it. Though he wasn't cold, often just looking for someone to spend time with. After his time spent in capture, his wing having had been ripped off leaving him grounded for the most part, his mentality changed. He can at times be rather self pitied  and naïve, but he doesn't exactly realize it until it's to late. Despite his downsides, he means well, and in all sense just doesn't want to be alone even though he has been for so long, he still wishes he didn't have to be alone.  All though he is not perfect, centerline still tries his hardest to keep an open mind and learn all he can from whoever is willing to teach him..his persuasion skills coming to good use as at times it's all he has to keep him alive. 

History:Centerline had been put into foster care at a young age due to  his mother not having the means of taking care of him after his father was killed in an assassination. The mech never had a true sense of home for this reason and despite he was thankful he wasn't on the streets, he wanted to leave. Upon growing older, the mech finally managed to make something of his life..becoming a lawyer as it seemed to be the only thing he was good at. The mech had tried to tune out the beginnings of war, his life was good..why would he want to leave that..? But his naïve mindset had caused his downfall. Having had taken the public transit home one night, he had fallen victim as the tram had been attacked..the civilian survivors taken prisoner to the newly formed decepticon cause, as they were in need of supporters. Knocked unconscious, centerline hadn't realized what was going on..that was until he woke up damaged and chained in the stockades of one of the recruitment ships. Not used to being in the fighting at all, the mech new he wanted to escape..he wanted to get away from this madness, not caring about the war. That was until he realized, there was no home to go back to..and he was in the same predicament as all the others chained or beaten into submission to fight. Enraged, and somewhat blinded by this hate, the mech tried to persuade one of the guards that he would be loyal, and didn't want anything to do with the autobots. The guard, not exactly the smartest, had fallen to his trick..though his previous job as a lawyer had helped his persuasion  skills quite a bit. Upon being freed, centerline had made the mistake of trying to escape the ship and only to try and free the others on board..which was his downfall. The mech having no skills in fighting, and common sense blinded by his own self pity of  life as he knew it being over, he had tried to fight the guards that came running..only to leave him with a wing snapped off and thrown back into the cell.

Being no use now, the mech had screwed it up for himself. Sitting alone to die as he watched the others occasionally come and go, some returning from the fight while others met their fate. Believing it was over, the mech was wrong once again as the ship had eventually been hijacked by a rogue. The other having nothing to do with the prisoners on board as he simply stole the ship to escape. Eventually being freed along with the others, centerline managed to finally get off from the ship, only to be completely lost. He had no idea where he was, or even if the war was over. He had spent years locked up, broken. Disoriented at first, the mech soon grew to get used to the small neutral colony on the planet he had ended up on. Not knowing much about anything, centerline found it a struggle just to survive..eventually landing a job fixing ships at the small refueling station that was in the area..the owner feeling pity on the flightless mech and showing him what he knew. Though it took a while for him to learn, he eventually got the hang of it..eventually saving enough to buy a small ship of his own, though he stayed on the planet as it gave him a sense of belonging. Some years later, the owner of the small shop had gotten into a bit of trouble with the black market, officials back on cybertron having had found out stolen parts located at the shop..leading to his arrest. Completely at a loss, all centerline could think to do was they were after him now as well, despite he had no idea what was going on. 

Alone again, he had managed to escape..just him and his ship as he tried to find another purpose, though more-so spends his days going to and from where he can refuel under the radar, running from something he didn't do..and from a life he never thought he'd be forced to live.

Centerline (c)ForgottenHope547
TF oc: Snowboots by ForgottenHope547
TF oc: Snowboots
been seeing the snowplows out lately and thought of this little derp :,D
Anyways, fixed a few things on bio
(Ignore the typos, doing this on phone)

this ref is old..working on a revamp~

Designation: Snowboots 


Alt: 2002 international 4700 commercial snow plow truck


Sexuality: straight 

Sparkmate:Skarr (owned by Tree-Of-Time )

Age: 35 (human terms)

Function: civilian worker

-standard blaster
-dual standard arm swords/daggers

"I-I..I don't k-know..?" "Please j-just leave mah' alone." "But I-I dunt want ta fight..!"

Snowboots is a very soft spoken mech, usually never speaking or making himself apparent to anyone if it isn't necessary..He likes his solitude, most of the time going out of the way to be alone. But, despite his shy nature, the mech loves to make friends..even if at times he is often hesitant to do so, as he is afraid he will lose them, or that they will turn against him. He has a very hardworking mindset despite it may not seem like it, and it will bother him drastically if he leaves without finishing the job. Overall, he is just a ginormous shy idiot. 

Originally, Snowboots had grown up far off the main planet Cybertron..raised in a small colonized area on a small organic based planet. Located at the edge of the galaxy, the planet was often a notorious stop for various species that passed by for just a place to stop or for refueling purposes..many to which the mech had grown more accustomed to than his own species..often learning of the many different worlds that where out there, even gaining his name "Snowboots" from this, as one of the travelers had found his interest in 'snow' amusing when having had it explained to him. Being raised by his mother, Snowboot's father  had been called into the draft for the war..along with many others on the small planet. With no one to teach him the basics, as his mother was always working driving transport ships, the mech feared the day he would be taken as it was expected to fight once they had reached age. As the war started to worsen more and more, his mother had decided to leave with the mech so to find a better life..before they could leave, the worst had happened..a Decepticon ranked ship had found its way to the planet, which, was inhabited by mostly Autobot affiliated bots by now..despite he and his mother weren't with any faction, the two were still in danger.,as the newcomers were simply deactivating those who didnt cooperate with supplying and joining their cause. 
Managing to escape with one of the many work/transport ships from off planet, the mech had been reluctant to leave..despite his mother had urged him she would catch up...the mech took comfort in this...only to find that she had been killed before even making it off the planet. Carrying on his mothers plan, the mech traveled on...being left alone for the most part as he carried the signal of a neutral.. Being a complete nobody, his ship went somewhat undetected as  he stuck to the outside of civilization..eventually making it to earth. As he first arrived, Snowboots was completely lost in despair..not knowing how to do anything, as he had never been alone. With time, the mech had isolated himself the best he could..somewhat going off from existence as he became fascinated with the humans..somewhat reminding him of his life before..

-sometimes he forgets his plow is down, and scrapes the road off/or goes into the ditch
-summer/warm temperatures 
-friends that  go against him
-has a hard time fighting anyone
-is a neat freak 
-HATES black ice 
-a bit to nice to everyone

-different cultures/species
-being alone
-plowing roads ,for some odd reason
-being happy
I had forgotten of him ;;o;;

You don't know me by ForgottenHope547
You don't know me
Random vent art I suppose
anyways just messing around on sai again, quick sketch..probably could have done better but whatever :I

I need to sleep now it's nearly 3 in the morning ._.

reconnaissance /art(c)ForgottenHope547
transformers (c)hasbro
ect. Ect. You know what belongs where :I

Quick commissions::

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 1:12 PM

I'm in a bit of a tight spot for cash rn ;-; so I'm gonna try and open these.
im gonna finish an art trade I'm working on then focus on finishing these (if people buy them) so they shouldn't take very long.

paypal only this time please.

It's gonna be these:

$10.00 for half body like this
smug little sh!t by ForgottenHope547


$15.00 for a full body like this
PC: hestia by ForgottenHope547

Plus $5.00 each character added (limit 2 chars. Per picture )

if you'd help out that'd be great ;-; or at least boost this journal
thank you guys ;;o;;

Ill open more if necessary! Just ask <;


note me if your interested!

What I will and won't do:

Terms of Service
I Do:
- Transformers + Other Mecha (Brave Police, Etc)
-Animals (Non-Fandom)
-OC x OC
- Couples/Slash (Fluff)
- Humans/Humanoids/Demons
- Furries/Scalies/Avians/Aquatics/Other Fandoms Related
- Character Reference Sheets
- Vehicles/Planes/Jets/Etc

I Don't do:
Anything 18+/heavy not covered nudity /ect. (I'm just not comfortable with my skills in such things..|D)
- Heavy Slash
- Ponies
- Sonic
- Canon x OC (Normal Interactions are fine.)
- Humanizing Canon Characters

If there is anything that isn't listed above, feel free to ask me please!

Contest results!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 9:37 PM

Alright, now I know you've all been waiting for this, so here it is:

First place goes to TheShyCorona with:
Rescue mission by TheShyCorona

I loved the amount of detail and thought put into this, as well as how well it fits the theme. You did such a wonderful job, amazing work! 

You've won:
-200 :points:
-a full colored realistic/greyscale portrait of one character 
-full colored/full body picture of one character (no background)
Second place goes to Kya-Valentine with:
Contest Entry: Commonalities1
Dessa sat quietly, swinging her pedes and staring at the floor with her servos clasped in her lap, while the medic spoke with her mother and father. The medic, Failsafe, was a nice enough mech. He treated her like she was a big femme instead of a small femling, often asking if she had gone on any grand adventures lately. The femme that served as his nurse was only marginally friendly and Dessa preferred to avoid her altogether. Venting a small sigh, she glanced up at the newsreel that was running on the holo-screen across from her. It was all about the war, the one her creators had fought in before she came along. It was all boring.
The sound of shouting drew her attention away from the newsreel and out to the street. She stood up and walked to the long, low window that separated the medical clinic from the pedestrians and leaned against the sill, her arms crossed beneath her chin, and looked out at the bots moving to and fro. Buildings lined the street, reaching high into the

I loved reading this, you put such effort into making every little detail/description fit and make sense so well, as well as matching the theme. Once again, awesome job!

youve won:
-100 :points:
-full colored pic. With up to 2 characters(with a simple background)
-bust sketch of any character 
Third place goes to saina-chan with:
Remain in shadows by saina-chan

first off, this is absolutely amazing due to the fact it is traditional art, I know how hard it is and this really turned out great. I also love how once again it fit the theme rather well, and even the description with it.

Youve won:
-50 :points:
-full colored/full body of any character (no background)
-bust sketch of any character 

I'm going to give the points right now, and if the winners could just note me with the  details of what they want for their prizes it would be greatly appreciated!

thank you so much for all who entered! And don't worry, your efforts won't go unrewarded <;

If I were to ever livestream, would you watch? 

42 deviants said Yes
3 deviants said No


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amazing Internet sis & bro 8I <3
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVampSpanish lang2 by Faeth-design


First off, Everything digital I do Is on an ipad ffff's not very good |D
.. just another transformers fangirl here on DA, so that is mostly what my art will consist of~
I'm shy, but once I get to know someone I enjoy the company..
I'm here to share my art with the "world"~


Commission info~…

Request - Fate Stamp by spiketail94I love Giant robots by SonicAmygirlRock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2I Support Loud Music Stamp by Sora05Lamborghini Stamp by WearwolfaaDUBSTEP FUCK YEA Stamp by Tripp-X-FoxxRock on. by Snuf-Stamps.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoMusic helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevetteI Draw Transformers stamp by Lady-Autobot17TF Girls stamp by MetallikatoD-con Spark Beat by BloodyChaserfeme and loving it 2 by elfy016TFP-Prime supporter Stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixedTrue Artist Stamp by chibibarragestamp by squisheh17Linkin Park Stamp by Sora05Groucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stamps
i wish my car transformed by meimei-stamps:iconrpstamp1plz::iconrpstamp2plz:
Traditional art + Digital art by RoliStamps

//attempt// Fate stamp by ForgottenHope547Reconnaissance stamp //attempt// by ForgottenHope547

robot crush by meimei-stamps

My OTP<3

fate X Nightblade

Fate x Nightblade Stamp by Mediziner

Nightblade x Fate (Jointed Icon) by Mediziner


Dec 21, 2014
9:18 pm
Dec 21, 2014
8:20 pm
Dec 21, 2014
8:07 pm
Dec 21, 2014
6:49 pm
Dec 21, 2014
3:53 pm

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